Bitcoin is a form of electronic money, and using an open source software.

Bitcoins, abbreviated BTC, can be stored on a personal computer in the form of a wallet or file to be managed by a third party, a wallet service. In both cases, the money can send to another person sent through the Internet by anyone with a Bitcoin wallet address.

This electronic money is using a database distributed across nodes of a peer-to-peer network in order to be journalized transactions, and makes use of cryptography to provide the necessary security, such as that Bitcoins can be issued only by the person who owns the wallet and the coins.

The BTC is the most common crypto-currency.

Today, the BTC is typically used by many companies. The goods you order via the Internet (web shops), you can also pay with Bitcoins but you also can make payments in restaurants.

Because Bitcoin already built up his goodwill it is almost everywhere usable, usually all the other crypto-currency coins is exchanged for the Bitcoins.

To achieve these objectives, the goodwill of other coins (the other publishers money), need time and patience. Developing and building goodwill is very time consuming.