LFTC Coin is also a concept of cryptographic money. Simply put: LFTC coin is a form of bullion (electronic money). LFTC Coin, abbreviated LFTC, be stored on a personal computer in the form of a wallet.
This wallet (purse) is particularly interesting for you! The LFTC herein are not only for you to keep the coins stored but also it gives guaranteed interest! Imagine: every time you turn on your computer the wallet is credited!
You can also use the same wallet to transfer money to third parties. One of the ways of valuation of your wallet is that Bitcoins and LFTC coins increase in value (or decrease) in the crypto-currency exchanges.


All forms of crypto-currency coins are mined. The same as precious metals, which are in a mine. The precious metals are also mined. For the mining of LFTC’s you need a computer and special hardware. The mining of crypto-currency coins requires some computer knowledge and hardware investments.
Buying LFTC’s is also possible via the stock exchange. Over 1,000 Crypto-currency coins are traded on the stock exchange. The price can be followed live when you log on to an exchange. On our website you can find some of these exchange programs.

Another option is to borrow the LFTC Coin.
We have a different target as compared to other coins. It is not a currency to be used only to purchase goods but it is also a borrowing currency. Therefore, our currency is called also the LFTC Loan Coin.

The LFTC’s can also be used to make payments and do some shopping over the Internet.